Frequently Asked Questions:

Section A: General Questions about and

Section B: Enrollment Issues

Section C: Other Issues

A. General Questions about and
What is my LoginID?

By default, your SecureOnlineDelivery Login ID is the same as the Email Address you used to register your account. Top of Page

What is a Control Number?

A Control Number is a unique identifier issued to you by Doxim®. It is used to link your Name and Email Address to your Financial Institutions's account information. Top of Page

What is is a platform that provides securityholders with the option to receive securityholder communications electronically instead of traditional print and postal mail. Top of Page

How does work?

If and when a Mutual Fund Company or Corporate Issuer makes materials available electronically, SecureOnlineDelivery dispatches an email to notify registered securityholders that these materials are available. The email will contain links to the material associated with the securityholder communications. In the case of distributions that include voting, securityholders will also receive a unique Control Number to execute a proxy vote at: Top of Page

Who can sign up for electronic delivery of investor communications?

E-Delivery is available to securityholders of participating companies. Top of Page

How does the enrollment process work? Do I need to enroll for each Control Number? Do I need to enroll for each security I own? Do I need to enroll separately for each account?

Your enrollment is good for all securities that you hold under the investment account represented by the Control Number MCI issued to you in association with a specific Mutual Fund Company or Corporate Issuer. If you have multiple accounts, you may recieve separate control numbers.

You are required to enroll separately for each individual Control Number provided to you. This is due to the fact that separate Control Numbers are often linked to separate accounts, each of which requires separate consent. You can add Control Numbers to your account easily by logging in and using the "Add Control Number" function on the Linked Accounts page.

As time goes on, you may see new Control Numbers that are linked to accounts which you have already enroled. Re-enrollment is not necessary at this point, and SecureOnlineDelivery will not prompt you with the option to re-enroll. Top of Page

How do I get a Control Number?

MCI generates a Control Number for your account(s) at the time we receive data from your Mutual Fund Company or Corporate Issuer.

Proxy Meetings: For the purposes of voting by proxy at we receive the data when a Mutual Fund Company or Corporate Issuer calls a meeting of shareholders and provides MCI with the appropriate data to issue a Form of Proxy. A Control Number identifies votable security positions in your account. A control number is generated on the meeting Record Date and is specific to a shareholder meeting.

MRFPs, Financial Statements and other financial communications: For the purposes of collecting consent for MRFPs or Financial Statement Mailings, a control number is generated semi-annually or annually for you. Top of Page

Will I still receive paper mailings?

If your Mutual Fund Company or Corporate Issuer does not make the materials available electronically then you will continue to receive traditional paper mailings. Top of Page

How will I know when a new document or communication is available?

You will receive an email notification for each new communication. Top of Page

What documents are available by e-delivery?

Documents that Mutual Fund Companies and Corporate Issuers make available for electronic delivery, such as information circulars, proxy notices, financial statements and MRFPs. Your Mutual Fund Company or Corporate Issuer must specifically make each type of mailing availble through Top of Page

I did not enroll or authorize this service. How did you get my personal information? works entirely on the basis of a confirmed Opt-In process. We do not enroll individuals in our service through any other means. received an enrollment request for an email address and issued a confirmation message to that address. Someone opened the confirmation message and clicked on the Confirmation Link to activate service for that email address.

If this was done by another person who has access to your email account, if you are unsure how this process occurred, or if you clicked through in error, you can always cancel service. To cancel service, go to, login to your account and click the 'Terminate Service' button. Top of Page

How can I get the number of securities held, account balance or update my mailing address?

Neither nor are capable of displaying or providing access to your investment account, nor any data pertaining to your finances or mailing address. and are services concerned with online delivery of securityholder materials such as proxies, interim reports, or MRFPs. Please contact the institution that administers your investment account for services pertaining to that account. Top of Page

Are there any charges for this service?

There is no cost to use this service. The only costs you may incur are those related to internet access and the maintenance of your email account. Top of Page

B. Account Management Issues
How do I create a SecureOnlineDelivery account or enroll in the SecureOnlineDelivery service?

The only way to enroll is by using the unique Control Number that we have provided you. If you have received your Control Number with a Proxy form, you will complete the voting process at On the vote confirmation page, you will see a link to SecureOnlineDelivery. Click on the link there. This is due to the fact that we require a Control Number to identify you and match your account to your securityholder account at your participating Mutual Fund Company or Corporate Issuer.

If you have received your Control Number on an Opt-in Consent Notice, you will be directed to where you will enter your Control Number and follow the steps. Top of Page

I voted -- why did I not see a link to SecureOnlineDelivery?

Your Mutual Fund Company or Corporate Issuer may not be offering to post materials for electronic distribution through at this time. Top of Page

How do I login to manage my SecureOnlineDelivery account?

Go to Enter your Login ID and Password. Your Login ID was initially setup to be the same as your email address. You would have setup your own password. Top of Page

How do I change my email address, Login ID or password?

Login to your account. On the Profile Management page, you will be able to modify your email address, Login ID, and password. Top of Page

How do I cancel SecureOnlineDelivery service or revoke my consent for electronic delivery?

Login to your account. Click the "Terminate Service" button. Terminating service is permanent. We will delete your account and all associations with your Mutual Funds or Corporate Issuer accounts. You will not receive future e-delivery messages from Top of Page

I forgot my password. How do I retrieve my password?

On the Login Page, click the "I forgot my password" link and follow the instructions. Top of Page

Can I use my Control Number to enroll after the meeting date?

In the case of Proxy Notifications, you can enroll after the meeting date passes. In the case of Consent Collection mailings, your control number is valid for one year. Top of Page

C. Other Issues
Why can't I read Internet links that end with the ".pdf" extension?

If you do not have a PDF Reader application installed on your computer, you may have difficulty reading ".pdf" documents. If you still cannot open or view PDF files you may need to download a PDF Reader application. A few freely available PDF readers are listed below.

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Why do you post the files in PDF format?

Most securityholder documents are posted online in the Portable Document Format (PDF) due to the flexibility and openness of the format. PDFs look identical to their print counterparts and can be freely viewed almost anywhere. PDF documents can be read with one of many publicly available PDF reading applications, on almost every desktop and mobile computing platform in wide use today, and have accessibility options for persons with visual impairments. Most PDF reading applications are free to download, install and use. For more information about PDFs, see Wikipedia's article on the subject.

How secure is the information I have stored?

Your account at is protected by your confidential User ID and Password, which are stored using strong encryption mechanisms and protected from brute force attack. All communications between SecureOnlineDelivery and your computer are encrypted using industry standard SSL Encryption. and both employ Extended Validation SSL Certificates, which display the name "Doxim" in Green in your Browser's address bar, so that you are assured you are communicating with our servers. We employ industry standard security measures to ensure the integrity and security of our systems.

We strongly urge the following measures on your part:

  • Choose a strong, long, unique and memorable password for your SecureOnlineDelivery account.
  • Ideally, use a Password Manager (such as 1Password or LastPass) to generate and store all your online passwords.
  • Do not use a password you have used elsewhere — especially not your banking or investment account password.
  • Do not divulge your password to anyone.
  • Do not write down your password — your password can be easily reset if you lose it. If you prefer to write it down, store your password in a safe location. Do not type your password into a word processing document, or email it to anyone. Use a Password Manager to securely store your passwords on your computer.
  • Ensure that only you have access to your email account, and that your email account password is also strong and secure.

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What if I want a printed copy of certain materials?

You have the option of printing PDFs to your local printer. If you wish to have a printed document sent to you, please contact your Mutual Fund Company or Corporate Issuer and request the materials. Top of Page

What happens if a notification email is returned to as undeliverable?

SecureOnlineDelivery monitors email 'bounces' (undeliverable messages) for each account. If SecureOnlineDelivery determines that your email bounced, we will issue a paper notification through the postal mail. You will receive a letter indicating that we were unable to deliver a message to your email address. The letter will also request that you visit, login to your account and update your email address to a functioning one. Lastly, the letter will provide links that you can type directly into your browser to review materials. You may also receive the printed materials via postal mail if the Mutual Fund Company or Corporate Issuer has directed us to do so. Top of Page

How long will I be able to view the e-delivery documents and communications at keeps documents for a period of a minimum of 7 years. You may download any PDF documents posted at and store them on your computer indefinitely. Top of Page