Consent & Agreement to Electronic Delivery

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Multiple Control Numbers

If you have been issued more than 1 Control Number, it is important to complete the entire registration process before entering other Control Numbers. You can then Login and add other Control Numbers to your account.

About SecureOnlineDelivery

SecureOnlineDelivery partners with banks, financial institutions and mutual fund companies to deliver securityholder materials (Annual Reports, Meeting Notices, Information Circulars, Interim Reports, MRFPs etc.) electronically instead of via postal mail.

Enrolment is completely your choice.

If you would like to electronically receive securityowner materials from a participating financial services company simply enter the Control Number you have been provided. You will be asked to consent to delivery, your email address will be verified and then you will be enrolled.

In the future, when your financial services company makes documents available electronically, SecureOnlineDelivery will send you an email notification. You can then log in here to review your documents.

Read our FAQ for more information.


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